Testimonials about Stormer Hosting - kind and gracious words from a few of our clients.
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Proverbs 27:2
"Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips."

Happy Customer!
By Robert D. Grossman
Website: http://www.tech-answers.com

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the spam wall you set up on our tech-answers.com email accounts. Every now and then I add domains to the blacklist, and check the quarantine list. I canít think of the last time I found a legitimate e-mail on the quarantine list; there was a while where I added names to the whitelist but that was a while ago. It is surprisingly effective and maintenance free; it just works. I really appreciate this time saver and how you look out for your clients. Please keep up the great work!

No Worries, Hassle-Free Hosting!
By Melanie Edman-Osmer
Website: http://www.wehaveasite.com

I originally was led to Stormer when one of the so-called "big box" companies was incapable of hosting my shopping cart. James at Stormer was immediately able to get my sites up and running. Since then I have moved into developing custom web site solutions for clients (other than my own sites) and Stormer has become a huge asset because I know he has my back and my customers' backs. I have hosted sites with some of the "big guys" who paled in comparison to what is truly offered once you read the fine print or get behind the control panel. As I know, and my clients know who are with Stormer, one thing we don't have to worry about is our hosting.

Satisfied with the service and professionalism
By Carol Hegar
Website: http://www.shadylane.com

I have been a customer of Stormer Hosting and James Hart since early 2002. I originally found them because I bought a Dansie shopping cart and wanted someone to host and install it to my new website. Since that time, I have been very satisfied with the service and professionalism James provides. He definitely has gone above and far beyond in many instances throughout these last 11 years. And his prices are SO reasonable. You cannot go wrong here.

There for me!
By Sherry Fronczak
Website: http://www.originalformulaone.com

For the last 10 years Stormer Hosting has been there for me. Any questions or problems I might have James has always been able to fix it and help me understand it. I appreciate him and his knowledge more than he knows. Thank you for everything.

Terrific to deal with!
By Ron Liuzzi
Website: http://www.redfroghobbies.com

WOW. If you want professional service, try Stormer Hosting. Pricing was better, service was superior and James is terrific to deal with. Go with Stormer hosting you will never be sorry.

Delivered the goods for over a decade!
By: John Tobin
Website: http://www.tobinphoto.com

It was probably around 2001 when my company began using Stormer Hosting, and if they continue on their current path, I don't foresee switching. Owning a highly visited, large and image-rich website (running PHP and MySQL), the best possible server performance and support is essential to our success, and without a hitch, Stormer has consistently delivered the goods for over a decade. They've kept us running smooth and fast, and we have no complaints whatsoever!

Although we've always been very happy with Stormer's exceptional support and server performance, our demands continue to grow every year, so we choose not to be complacent. Requiring the best possible in all areas, we periodically "test the waters" by comparing and experimenting with other hosting solutions, including shared, virtual and dedicated servers. To our relief, Stormer's innovative performance solutions always rise to the top, and their extremely high level of service is the ultimate tiebreaker!

Much of our success can be attributed to good and trusted relationships among a few dedicated companies, and among all, Stormer Hosting is tops! Keep up the great work, and thanks for many years of the best service I have encountered anywhere!

No Problems!
By: Angie Johnston
Website: http://www.uniquewebcopy.com

I absolutely love Stormer Hosting - I've never had any problems or issues, and have only been met with prompt, accurate answers when I have a question.

As Much Help As I Need
By: Crystal Coll
Website: http://www.allwayspawsitive.com

I have been using stormer to host my website and secure my domain name for quite a few years now. James and his team are always there giving as much help as I need. I am pretty website and web host lingo insecure and they always explain everything to me and help me make decisions that are best for me. In my business. dog training, personalized service is important to give and it feels nice to get that back from a team of professionals that are helping keep an important piece of my business accessible to the world. Thanks to all of you.

My Guru!
By: Patricia Grooms
Website: http://www.thenetgirl.com 

I Have been working with James at Stomer Hosting for over 12 years now. I really don't know what I would do with out him. He is my Guru and I love working with him.

Great Work!
By: John White
Website: http://www.friendlyvoiceny.com

You have saved my business and a whole lot of headaches. Your Patience, Assistance, and Kindness getting me back on line is priceless! I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for Professionalism and Great Customer Service.

Good Service
By: Gordon Lewis
Website: http://www.printerfillingstation.com

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the good service. For years I have been using Alertra Website Monitoring Service. Since I have been with Stormer Hosting I have not had the Site or Secure Certificate go down. By now it would have gone down several times with ********* causing numerous phone calls and lost revenue. Again thank you for the great service.

Superior Service and Support
By: West Canyon Websites by Lisa Aldrich

I have experienced the service and support of Stormer Hosting and the expertise of James Hart for several years. As a web designer, I have used a variety of other Hosting Companies. The service and support I have received from Stormer Hosting has been above and beyond anything else I have experienced in the market. There is nothing that can compare to a personal relationship with an expert like James to alleviate fear as we employ new strategies in an ever changing market. If you are in the market for a hosting provider that you can contact quickly and who will provide excellent, knowledgeable service, you canít go wrong with Stormer.

Brilliant Service
By: Howard Stephenson President, AFDC
Website: http://www.angelfluff.com

James, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your company for the excellent, prompt and professional service that you have provided to our company over the past several years. We have had zero web site down time and zero security issues while using your hosting service. We had been with several other hosting providers prior to changing over to your service and were extremely disappointed with all of them.

I would like to recommend to anyone thinking about using or switching to Stormer to put your fears aside and go for it! Stormer has been a shinning beacon of hope amongst an endless black expanse of disappointment. Stormer is simply fantastic!

If you were to have any questions you may e-mail me any time. I would be happy to tell you just how much money Stormer has saved us by staying on-line and responding to our questions promptly.

Stormer Hosting is the GREATEST
By: Pat Rask
Website: http://www.raskcycle.com

I have been with Stormer Hosting for several years.. Previously, I had two different hosting companies that could not even come close to the support and pricing as Stormer Hosting has.. Stormer Hosting has supported me through many different situations.. I have learned a lot from James and words can't say how much I appreciate all his great support. He is always there when I need him.. I don't know any web hosting companies or any type of companies that could even come close to compete with Stormer Hosting.. 100000000000000 stars for Stormer Hosting

Stormer Hosting, a great discovery!
By: Nancy Lorenz
Website: http://www.beyondtheordinary.net

Over the years we have used many web hosts, each have had idiosyncrasies from annoying to unacceptable! In 2002 we made a great discovery, James Hart of Stormer Hosting! For years James has provided excellent support, he's very knowledgeable, very responsive, and very easy to communicate with, in other words he listens! We switched to one of his virtual servers so now we can host websites as well. This may seem like a daunting step to most web designers or anyone else for that matter, and we were a bit nervous, however the training James gave was so excellent that it disbursed our fears and made everything so clear that we are very confident in what we are doing now as new web hosts! It was so much fun to learn from him, he is a great teacher, and we know if we get into trouble he'll always be there to help us out of it. Thank you James for all you do!

A Great Value
By: David Graessle
Website: http://www.dgahouston.com

I am extremely pleased with the services and support that DGA Houston has received from James Hart and his service, Stormer Hosting. We relocated to Stormer Hosting in January 2000 after less-than-satisfactory service from two previous hosting companies since the beginning of our internet presence in 1996. The ssl.pl of our Dansie cart was up and running on Stormer's secure server even before we relocated our primary html files or sent the DNS change request to Network Solutions. (We had been unsuccessful in 3 months of attempts to get ssl.pl working properly on the previous host's secure server) And James has been easily-accessible, even when we have requested his input or assistance on the weekend. For a great value in hosting services, I highly-recommend Stormer Hosting.

Stormer Hosting is there for you!
By: Craig Dansie
Website: http://www.dansie.net 

My website has been hosted though Stormer Hosting since Aug 1999. I am very ecstatic with the service. Very responsive technical support, quick page download speeds, very reliable, and friendly customer service.

You're the best thing for headaches since Excedrin!
By: Terry Glasco
Website: http://www.virtualsilk.com

As a web site designer, I have been using Stormer hosting services since 1999 and have referred more than 40 clients. None of my clients' sites has ever been down, that I know of. (E-mail providers inevitably blame e-mail problems on the web site, but it's always the e-mail provider, never a web site hosted with you.) I don't have to call a local ISP with the question, "What is the path to perl?" What a relief you have been for me professionally, not to mention how much money you have saved my clients with your minimal fees and the mall version of Craig Dansie's shopping cart.

Got Web?
By: Robert Pearson
Website: http://www.theclockdepot.com 

I purchased a hosting package from Stormer Hosting in 1998. Service is outstanding! I now have 4+ sites hosted by Stormer Hosting and have since referred 3 others. Great features, support, speed and turnkey e-commerce is available for about the cost of most discount hosting for server space alone. THE BEST BUY IS HERE!

Above and beyond!
By: Paul Darnell
Website: http://www.p-m-design.com 

I am a web site developer and use Stormer for several of my accounts. I recently had a client that wanted to incorporate the use of his QuickBooks data into a shopping cart. He wanted the ability to use the database option to upload his daily inventory and prices into a shopping cart. James @ Stormer worked above and beyond the call to make this feature work for me. James does a great job and provides it at a reasonable price.


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