Generate a Secure Password - Use this page to generate a secure password.
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A secure password will prevent many spankings! - Ancient 'Geek' Proverb

This generator is useful if you need passwords for email accounts, IM programs, message boards, or any other password protected pages. A random password with various characters is far more recommended than a generic, one word password which may easily be guessed.

Generated Password

Choose your password options below.

Password Type

Lowercase letters only
Uppercase letters only
Numbers only
Lowercase & uppercase letters
Lowercase & uppercase letters with numbers
Symbols only
All of the above

Number of Characters

A secure password will contain at least 8 characters, numbers, letters both UPPER CASE and lower case, and some symbols.  If you can generate a password that contains those values you will be safe.  It is recommended to rotate and change your passwords regularily.   As a general rule, have more secure passwords for your most private accounts.  (Banks, for example).  Have different passwords for less sensitive sites and then have some throw away passwords you never need to look at again for sites you know you will never visit again, but they require a password.


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