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Email List Marketing Pro - Your email marketing strategy begins with a dedicated IP address and the latest version of Dadamail installed.  This will allow you to send out opt-in bulk email to your interested clients and visitors. A dedicated ip address setup in SPF ensures authority of the IP address to send your email. A high rate of delivery is expected. Bounce handlers enabled! HTML enabled! Gear up your email marketing strategy! Plan your email marketing stategy before the end of the year! This is an easy addon to the Economy Hosting package as well as the Search Engine Optimization Tool. Stay in contact with email marketing! Using email marketing to reach your past clients is a great way to bring your customers back to your website.

SPF record modification or instructions
Installation of DaDaMail (latest version)
Installation of ProDaDaMail (optional $75.00)
Subdomain off your main account ( or your choice)
Bounce handlers enabled for easy bounce management.
Support for custom template. (looks like your website)
Send out text and html newsletters.
Open mail tracking
Click through tracking
Amazon SES support
Scheduled Mailings (for automated holiday and event greetings)
Archive old mailings, make them searchable, or invisible or not activated.
Setup multiple mail list for different mailings (up to 3 or unlimited with ProDadaMail)
Each list can send 1,000 emails, (unlimited with ProDadaMail)
Simple code to insert on your webpages for subscribers or link directly to account.

ORDER NOW: $10.00/month

Domain name: http://www.

ProDadaMail Installed $75.00 (one time) - needed for more than 3 list or 1000+ subscribers.
Enhanced account for those with 25k+ subscribers ($15.00/month extra)
Enhanced account for those with 45k+ subscribers ($25.00/month extra)
Help me import my subscriber list 5000+ subscribers ($25.00 per 5k subscribers)

All accounts come with a one time 35.00 provisioning labor charge.

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