MailGun Setup

Mass/Bulk Email Marketing or eMail Tracking!


Why use MailGun?


If you have mission critical email to send out and need to confirm delivery, MailGun can do that. You can see detailed logs that show you if your email was delivered or opened. 


If you need to send out to your mailing list and want the freedom of just using your Gmail account or Outlook to send out your emails, MailGun can do that.


What we do…

We can help you configure your Gmail or Mail client to use the services of MailGun.  MailGun acts as a SMTP relay for your mail.  You can send out to 10k emails a month for free.  After that they do charge $5 for every additional 10k emails you send out.  We charge a one time $75 labor fee to configure your MailGun account and make it work for you.


What next? 


Purchase our services below!

Use our simple order form below to add your domain and click to order. Once we receive the order we will start the process rolling for you!

Sign up for a MailGun account!

You will need to sign up for a account first. And get the upgraded account where you put a cc on file.

Give us your details!

Once you have your mailgun account, send us your login information. We will then setup your DNS and add all the necessary SPF and DKIM records and verify it works.

Decide how you want to use it!

If you wish to use mailgun to send your mail via Outlook or Gmail let us know! We can do a remote desktop session to help you get configured. If you want to use Gmail we can either do a remote desktop session with you and configure your gmail account in front of you, or send us your Gmail details and we can configure it on our end.

Start Sending!

Once you are setup, get to work sending out your emails!


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