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The Dansie Shopping Cart,
which we personally use for our own services since 1998, has proven it’s stability over decades. It’s perl based vs php. We personally support the Dansie Shopping Cart with our hosting plans. The author of the cart, Craig Dansie of has continued to keep it updated over the years. There are simply "too many" features to list them. You can download a copy of the Reference Manual here. If you have a Dansie Shopping Cart and you host your website on our servers we can install and configure your cart so it works perfectly for you. At that point, all you need to do is add the click-to-purchase buttons on your website!

Shopping Cart Image
Dansie Shopping Cart Logo

Some of the Amazing Features of the Dansie Shopping Cart:

  • Dansie Shopping Cart has been designed to handle almost every electronic commerce need.
  • Any expert of HTML and FTP can easily set up a Dansie Shopping Cart on their website without any knowledge of Perl. There are NO variables needed to be set in the shopping cart script in about 95% of all cases. All variables are located in a separate, easy to edit, plain text data file.
  • Requires no major changes to your site.
  • Unlike some shopping cart software programs, the Dansie Shopping Cart has no limit to the number of items you want to sell with it from your web site.
  • It keeps track of the products and prices and automatically calculates shipping, tax and the total for your customer’s convenience.
  • It allows multiple payment options in order to be flexible for both your customer and you the merchant. You may choose to use any or all of the following payment options:
    • Secure Online Credit Card Transaction: Compatible with over 20 popular online real-time credit card processors. With a credit card processor, funds can be transferred immediately from your customer's bank account to yours and the customer's order, shipping address and total is emailed to you.
    • Credit Card Transaction Via Telephone: The customer's order, shipping address and total is emailed to you. The customer calls your telephone number to give you their credit card number.
    • Check or Money Order: The Dansie Shopping Cart can generate a custom order form for your customer to mail to you along with their check or money order.
    • COD – Cash On Delivery: Your customer enters in their name and shipping address. You ship their products to them COD.
    • Auxiliary Payment Options: PayPal, CubeCard, and more.
  • It allows thumb-nail images of your products in the shopping cart. And your thumbnails can be easily linked to larger images too.
  • Standard HTML forms can also be used to send product information and prices to the cart. Just by adding some submit buttons to your existing web pages.
  • Can easily be configured to work with your current flat-file database. The use of flat-file databases with the cart is optional.
  • Comes with a built-in search engine for your flat-file databases. Allows your customers to find what they want quickly.
  • It handles Volume Discount Pricing. The prices of your items can get cheaper as your customer orders more quantities.
  • Multiple Web store Discounts based upon either the subtotal or the total number of items the customer orders.
  • Coupon/Gift Certificate Discount feature.
  • Printable customer receipts and receipts by email too.
  • Calculates sales tax for one or more states or sales districts
  • .The cart won’t charge sales tax on items that you tag as “nontaxable”.
  • Customize with your font size, face, color, wallpaper, company logo and much more.
  • Choose from many different methods to calculate shipping charges. (And you can have the cart calculate shipping rates to as many countries, locations or speeds of service as you wish.)
    • By the weight of the order (you define the weight of each item).
    • By a flat-fee per item (you define the shipping charge of each item).
    • Scaled according to the amount of purchase by flat-fees at various intervals.
    • Scaled according to the amount of purchase by percentages at various intervals.
    • Custom Database Shipping Tables.


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