GPG / PGP Secure Form Hosting - Secure encrypted form processing for sensitive data.
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GPG / PGP Secure Form Hosting

A secure form processor uploaded to our secure server.
Support for installing GPG/PGP on your pc/mac
Remote desktop support.  We set it up for you!
Exporting public key.
Installation of public key on server's keyring.
Sample form you may link to, or put on your website. (or use as a template to build your own)
If you have a custom form already built out, we can convert it to use GPG/PGP. (extra labor cost)
A secure inbox account which contents are sent to from secure form. (smtp not included)
Only secure access to mailbox via port 995 or SSL webmail.
Access to upload forms to secure server via secured web login.

Encrypted information looks like this:

Only your computer that contains the private key and the pass phrase can decrypt it.

ORDER NOW: $45.00/year

Domain name: http://www.

All accounts come with a one time 35.00 provisioning labor charge.

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